WhatsApp messages can often lead to confusion due to various factors. One major issue is the lack of tone and context in text messages, making it challenging to interpret the sender's intention accurately. Typos and autocorrect errors can further exacerbate misunderstandings. Group messages can become chaotic when multiple threads and messages flood the conversation. Misinterpretations of messages can cause arguments and hurt feelings. The presence of read receipts and "last seen" features can lead to unnecessary anxiety and overthinking. To minimize confusion, using emojis and stickers for clarity, double-checking messages before sending, and not relying solely on read receipts are recommended strategies. Being mindful of these potential pitfalls can help avoid miscommunications and embarrassing situations while using WhatsApp.

Keeping up with my style, here I am sharing a recent experience. A friend of mine wasn’t feeling too well. I got to know of this when I sent her a message on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp messages cause confusion

Being the empathetic person that I am, I immediately sent her another message saying “Get well soon, take care, and hope to catch up when you are better”. Now that could be a normal interaction in a normal world. But, completely unacceptable in the digital era.

Would you believe it if I said that my friend got wild at me for being insensitive? My message reflected how “not bothered” I was, and that I had no concern for what was happening to her. That is the mess that a message can create.

Text messages over any app can be interpreted according to the reader’s sensibilities or maybe temperament. There was nothing wrong with the words in my message. The only difference in interpretation was the tone of the message. I for one meant to be caring enough to give her, her space and time to recover. While she on her part read it with a tone of arrogance. So no one is wrong here. And, this is the case with every such misunderstanding. No wonder then that they have come up with voice messages.

What is Social Media?

As it is evident that the point I intend to discuss is the misunderstanding that Whatsapp messages can create. While it is a  quick way to connect with friends and family, share photos and jokes, and generally keep in touch. But as with most things in life, there are a few downsides to this convenience. One of the biggest problems with WhatsApp messages is that they can create a lot of confusion. Yes, you heard that right. WhatsApp, the app that was designed to make communication easier, can actually make things more confusing than ever before.

It is definitely a joy to be able to instantly message anyone, anywhere in the world, and that too at any time. With a simple tap of our fingers, we can communicate with friends and family members in real time, no matter where they are in the world. However, while these apps make it easier than ever to stay in touch, they also have their downsides. In this article, I will explore how Whatsapp messages can create confusion.


The biggest problem with Whatsapp messages is the lack of tone and context. Unlike face-to-face conversations, it can be difficult to read someone’s tone in a text message. This can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. For example, someone might send a sarcastic message that is meant to be funny, but the recipient takes it seriously and becomes offended.

Typos and Autocorrect

Another issue with Whatsapp messages is typos and autocorrect. Let’s be honest; we’ve all sent a message with a typo or auto-corrected word that completely changes the meaning of the sentence.

It happened when I wanted to write – my mother’s passport – which got autocorrected to my mother passed away. Well, that one was a huge blunder. However, I realized it soon enough to rectify the smartness of my over-smart phone.

And, of course, these mistakes can be particularly embarrassing when you’re trying to make a good impression on someone.

Group Messages

Group messages are supposed to make it easier to communicate with multiple people at once. However, they can quickly become a nightmare when people start replying to different threads within the group, or when people start messaging at all hours of the night. Group messages can quickly turn into a chaotic mess, and it can be challenging to keep track of what’s going on.

While, group messages are a great way to keep everyone in the loop, but they can quickly turn into a nightmare. For example, maybe you’re part of a group chat with your coworkers, and someone sends a message saying, “I’m not feeling well today.” Innocent enough, right? Except then, one of your other coworkers replies with, “Oh no, what are your symptoms?” Suddenly, everyone in the group chat thinks their coworker has COVID-19, and chaos ensues.


Finally, Whatsapp messages can create confusion due to misinterpretations. In many cases, people might assume that they know what someone else is saying, but they’re actually misunderstanding the message entirely. This can lead to arguments and hurt feelings, and it can be tough to clear up the confusion.

The Blue Ticks can create Anxiety

The infamous blue ticks can also create anxiety and confusion. Have you ever sent a message to someone, only to see that they’ve read it but haven’t replied? It can be tempting to jump to conclusions and assume that they’re ignoring you or upset with you, but the truth is, they could just be busy or forgot to reply.

The ‘Last Seen’ feature can lead to Overthinking

And then there’s the ‘last seen’ feature. Have you ever checked someone’s ‘last seen’ time and wondered why they haven’t been online for hours? Maybe they’re mad at you, or maybe they’re just busy. Either way, it’s easy to overthink and create unnecessary stress.

The accidental text

Finally, there’s the classic accidental text and, this is by far the most damaging side effect. This is like the spoken word. It cannot be retracted. The bullet that has left the gun is sure to cause some serious damage. Unfortunately, this time it’s the one who fires the shot gets bears the damage.  Maybe you’re venting to your best friend about how much you hate your boss, and you accidentally send the message to your boss instead of your friend. Or maybe you’re talking about someone behind their back, and they end up seeing the message. Suddenly, your life has turned into a cringe-worthy episode of Gossip Girl. And let me give you a secret, this has happened to me and I still shy away from that person.

So, how can you avoid the confusion that comes with WhatsApp messages?

Use Emojis and Stickers to Clarify Tone

Emojis and stickers can go a long way in clarifying tone and intention. A simple smiley face or heart can let the other person know that you’re joking or being affectionate. And if you’re not sure how to interpret someone else’s message, look for clues in the emojis they use. The best option would be to share a voice note. This is a great way to ensure that your feelings are communicated.

Double-Check before Sending

Always double-check your messages before hitting send. Make sure you’ve used proper grammar and spelling, and that autocorrect hasn’t changed anything. And if you’re unsure about how something might be interpreted, take a moment to rephrase it.

Keep Group Chats Organized

In group chats, it’s important to keep things organized. Use @ mentions to direct messages to specific people, and avoid going off-topic. And if someone asks a question that’s already been answered, kindly direct them to the previous messages.

Remember that Blue Ticks aren’t Everything

Don’t put too much stock in the blue ticks. Just because someone has read your message doesn’t mean they’re ignoring you or upset with you. Give them the benefit of the doubt. There are chances that the person could be in a bad network. Maybe a reply was sent but you didn’t receive it for some technical reason. Chances are that the recipient could be in an important meeting, funeral, in a seminar, at a lecture, or any such situation where seeing a message is possible but sending an instant reply is difficult.


In conclusion, while Whatsapp messages can be a great way to stay in touch, they do have their downsides. Ambiguity, typos and autocorrect, group messages, and misinterpretations are just a few of the issues that can arise. So, the next time you’re sending a Whatsapp message, remember to read it over carefully, think about the context, and make sure that you’re communicating clearly. Otherwise, you might find yourself in the midst of a confusing, and potentially embarrassing, situation.