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What is Ayodhya Ram Mandir History?

Namaste, dear readers! Join me, Vije Bhatia, on a riveting journey through the annals of history as we unravel the 500-year struggle surrounding the Ayodhya Ram Mandir. This blog post, exclusively on “Lessons of Life with Vije Bhatia,” is a tale of resilience, faith, and the pursuit of harmony.

What is the X Factor?

The X factor is that elusive quality that makes some people stand out from the crowd. It’s the magic ingredient that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. We all want to have that X factor, that special something that makes us unique and sets us apart from the rest.

What is The Happiness Store?

As always, I like to start with something personal. And this time it is somewhat funny. Someone asked me the reason behind selling churna (a digestive powder or digestive pills) at The Happiness Store. Well, the straightforward answer to that,… Continue Reading →

What is Life?

Yes, this could very well be the title of a chapter from biology. The chapter describes the origin of life and the presence of life in different forms on the planet. Another place where we find this question is in… Continue Reading →

Can Clothes really make you Happy?

Have you noticed that wearing certain types of clothes have a psychological impact on your mood and well-being? Some people prefer wearing certain colors more often. I for one am a huge fan of blacks and blues. Also, we tend… Continue Reading →

What is the Importance of Time in Life?

Today I want to talk about something that affects many of us: comparing our lives to others. It’s easy to get caught up in the trap of comparing ourselves to others, but it’s important to remember that we all work… Continue Reading →


I am sure someone you know must have definitely asked you this – “What is the purpose of my life”? If I had to put it down in the simplest form, I’d say, if you are still alive, there’s something… Continue Reading →


It is easy to note that the levels of stress, anxiety, pressure, relationship issues, financial burdens, competition woes, etc are on the rise. It is this trend that has set an alarm and we have realized the importance of “Quality… Continue Reading →


Actually, what most people ask is – What is the saddest truth about life? Let me try to address the issue to the best of my capability. Let me begin by clarifying right at the onset that, there’s really no… Continue Reading →

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What is the relation between the Mind and Time? You have a mind and the mind passes through time. It’d be helpful if we observe it! You have different moods in the morning, different moods in the afternoon, and different… Continue Reading →

lol – FAQ

WHAT IS THE VALUE OF CHANTING? Your whole body is made up of atoms. Being with this truth kindles the energy in you and brings up consciousness. When you sing bhajans, the Sound Energy Vibration Gets Absorbed Into Every Particle… Continue Reading →

What is the Point of Life?

What’s your point of view towards life The simplest definition of life is that it is a journey between birth and death. The moment we are born we know that this journey of life is going to end at a… Continue Reading →

What is the ultimate goal of Spirituality?

How do we perceive Spirituality? Anger, frustration, dejection, rejection, irritation, failure, confusion. At least one of these emotions is a regular one with you, right? We have come to a point where stress is normal. At such a time when… Continue Reading →

Why do I Feel so Suffocated?

Why do I feel suffocated? How can I be free? Your mind is the reason for your bondage, and your mind alone is the reason for liberation. If your mind is happy, doing anything gives you happiness. But if your… Continue Reading →

What does FAQ stand for?

FAQs of Life FAQs as we all know are “Frequently Asked Questions”. They are a great way to provide customers with the information they need quickly. We get a set of FAQs with every product or service we opt for…. Continue Reading →

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