What is the relation between the Mind and Time?

You have a mind and the mind passes through time. It’d be helpful if we observe it! You have different moods in the morning, different moods in the afternoon, and different moods in the evening and night. Isn’t it so?

There is alertness and wakefulness at sunrise. I don’t think anybody likes to listen to romantic songs at dawn, dusk, or afternoon. Unless you are newly married or have just fallen in love!

In the morning, the mind is in a state of knowledge, alertness, and wakefulness.

It is action-oriented in the afternoon and in the evening, the mind is in a state of relaxation.

One who wants to be unhappy can be unhappy the whole time, and one who wants to be happy can be happy throughout the day. A fool will be unhappy all the time and the intelligent one will be happy in spite of changing moods. In the same way, seasons also affect the mind.

Definitely, the mind and time have a very unique relationship. If you have transcended the mind, there is happiness throughout. An eternal calmness and serenity dawns.