How do we perceive Spirituality?

Anger, frustration, dejection, rejection, irritation, failure, confusion. At least one of these emotions is a regular one with you, right? We have come to a point where stress is normal. At such a time when someone suggests the spiritual path, we get further agitated. The inner dialogue is – I don’t believe in this nonsense. It is all too confusing. This is a tech world. Spirituality can’t solve such complicated issues.

What is the confusion behind Spirituality?

Most people confuse spirituality with religion. The common feeling is that spirituality is something that pushes one towards accepting a certain religious practice. While actually, it is quite the opposite. Spirituality simply put is DISCIPLINE. It is the means of connecting with the higher power. Spirituality is finding the connection between the body and the soul. It is very simple to understand that once such a balance is attained we find answers to most of our questions. And the unanswered questions don’t seem to matter any longer.

What is the purpose of spiritual practices?

To be yourself! When your prana level is low – you feel upset, angry, dejected, and not so good.

When the prana level is even lower – you feel life is not worth living.

When the prana level is normal – you feel, like a normal human being.

When prana is a little higher than normal – you feel more creative, enthusiastic, and joyful.

And if it is even higher, you realize something much deeper.

Sadhana ( spiritual practice) is meant to increase this prana level in you. If your prana level is constantly high – then you don’t need to do sadhana – that is what is Enlightenment; your optimum prana. Tiredness is when our senses go outward; the moment the senses start turning inward, we are tapping into the eternal source of energy.

How to practice Spirituality?

The obvious question is, then how do I go about it? As, I have mentioned time and again on this website that meditation is the simplest way to find this inner, deeper connection. Make gratitude a habit. Living in the present moment is of prime importance. All of this sounds very simple, but attaining the zero state( a state where the mind is devoid of any thought) is the toughest challenge. Acceptance is another imperative quality to inculcate.

The purpose of lessons of life is to spread the message of spirituality. The final goal of any life is to attain happiness. I wish to provide the widest options for happiness and contribute in my own way. The aim is to – “Live your best life”