What’s your point of view towards life

The simplest definition of life is that it is a journey between birth and death. The moment we are born we know that this journey of life is going to end at a certain point, which could be anytime and nobody is aware of how long his or her life is going to be.

In spite of having this knowledge, we are not able to give up this attachment to worldly materials, possessions, and bonds.

The secret lesson of life

Another interesting fact is that most of us know about the principles of living an ideal life. These are not secrets. Yet most of us are continuously living a life of stress, looking for help in the form of books or coaching.

The issues begin when we get into a critical analysis of every situation when we start questioning everything. The unnecessary hows and whys and what -when – where is the beginning of this stress cycle.

We get into long-term planning when we very well know that we are not even sure of the next breath.

The lessons of life can go on endlessly, however, what needs to be understood is that life in its basic nature is simple and that is how it is supposed to be lived. We need to bear in mind that there is a bigger power controlling the entire scene and surrendering to this knowledge is the key to happiness.

A brief session of introspection will clearly reveal that the final goal of each individual is to achieve happiness and everything else is just a vehicle to transport you to that state.

While there are numerous micro methods to manage life, the biggest of all is to realize the power of meditation.

I wish to share all my knowledge and experience on this most interesting topic called life. Feel free to connect on my space.