Aroma Scented Perfume candles are colorful. They can help light up your home as well as brighten up your home decor. Their sweet aromas can help you reduce stress and reawaken your senses. They are ideal for your bedroom, bathroom, and family room as well. Long-Lasting Candles with High-Grade Wax. The best quality glass can also add class to your home. Enhance your home décor with these elegant glass jar candles. The glass jar of each candle comes with a lid. You can close the jar when you are not using the candle. This enables you to preserve the scent of the candle for a longer time. The vanilla scent can help bring a calming feel to any room. The Lavender scent soothes your senses. The Cinnamon aroma is great for a positivity boost. This allows you to enjoy a pleasant fragrance. Features Long-lasting candles, High-grade wax, best quality glass jar, Helpful jar lid 4 pleasant fragrances Wax with 15% fragrance.


Bella Vita Organic Aroma Candles Soy Wax 4 X 60g each, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Lavender & Rose, Upto 15 hours, best gift