Self Help Book 1: How to develop self-confidence and influence people by public speaking, from the highly acclaimed business trainer and best-selling author Dale Carnegie comes highly recommended read for those seeking to improve their public speaking and leadership skills. It is also a suggested read for those seeking to influence People with their thought and those looking to improve their confidence to take them sailing through all walks of life. Through a wide range of techniques like poise, diction, memory improvement, and putting across an argument without arousing resentment, Carnegie guides you through the various elements of public speaking that will enable you to your way through success in your chosen fields of life and with enhanced confidence, gain an advantage over your competitors. Self Help Book 2: Nothing positive can be achieved by worrying in life. Worrying can only lead to a plethora of unwelcome medical conditions including a nervous breakdown, high blood pressure, tooth decay, and an unsatisfactory life. Dale Carnegie, a best-selling author, and self-help coach, in this brilliant and immensely popular book how to stop worrying and Start living, helps you to analyze your worries and spells out step-by-step, the most efficient ways in which you can stop worrying and sail towards a fulfilling, happy and worry-free life. This is a highly recommended read for all seeking a happier and healthier life!. Self Help Book 3: Authored by the world-renowned business trainer Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People coaches you through exactly what the title suggests friends and Influence the way people think and live. For achieving goals and aspirations in a highly competitive corporate field as well as living a better life in our complex modern world, This book is for all. With simple techniques and ample evidence, this best-seller guides you through the process of getting people to like you, fall in line with your way of thinking, and arouse enthusiasm and pleasantness in all conversations. Self-Help Book 4: Dr. Joseph Murphy’s powerful self-help book The power of your Subconscious mind has helped millions across the world achieve their dreams, aspirations, peace, and prosperity through something as simple as unlocking the power of the subconscious mind through positive thinking. Real-life cases and easy-to-follow techniques that he describes in the book help not only convince you of the great power of your Subconscious mind but also show you how to think positively and remove negative thoughts that will eventually enable you to bring about dramatic changes to your life. Academic accolades, workplace recognition, relationships, money, and more are all within your grasp by taking up his suggestions of affirmative thinking. Self-Help Book 5: This book will teach you the secrets of other great men like him. It will show you not only what to do but also how to do it. If you learn and apply the simple basic techniques revealed here, you will have mastered the secret of true and lasting success and you may have whatever you want in life. Self-Help Book 6: Sun Tzu’s remarkable ancient Chinese book The art of War, dates back to the 5th century BC. It is a highly popular treatise on war and all aspects of military craft but has not limited its popularity to this field alone. The book also enjoys immense popularity in the world of business and legal strategy as well as lifestyle and well-being. For over 2500 years, this book has remained influential across the world in both military thinking as well as business stratagems and remains a treasure trove of invaluable wisdom for life in general.



Pack of 6 Self Help Book for Adult – How to Self Confidence, Stop Worrying, Win Friends, Subconscios Mind, Think & Grow and Art of War Paperback – 10