Are you tired of being nice on social media? Do you want to become an online jerk and still get likes? Look no further than “Social Media Etiquette for Dummies” – the ultimate guide on how to break all the rules of good manners and common decency.
This book is ideal for teenagers who are relatively new to the world of social media. It is an attempt to guide the newest exponents to the virtual world. Even mature minds get swayed into believing the fake world of social media and succumb to anxiety and depression. The book maintains a satirical treatment to ensure that the message is accepted.
SOCIAL MEDIA is the highway where all of us are busy looking inside other cars. That is why we all end up in fractured lives at some point or another. This is a perfect recipe for disaster. So be on the highway, but your focus should be on your destination and nowhere else.
The book poses a pressing question: why be nice when you can be a troll? And, how to shamelessly promote yourself without seeming like a narcissist. Trolling, cyberbullying, hashtagging, it’s all there.
However, what is most important is a reminder that it’s just social media – don’t take it too seriously. So go ahead, break all the rules, and be an online jerk. Because with “Social Media Etiquette for Dummies,” you can still get likes while doing it.


Social Media: Etiquette for Dummies Kindle Edition