• SUPERIOR QUALITY EYE HEALTH SUPPORT: This eye vision formula is superior to all others on the market due to its powerful LUTEIN, ZEAXANTHIN and ANTIOXIDANT VITAMINS & MINERALS COMPLEX. This unique formula also contains BILBERRY EXTRACT, this may help improve overall eye health. Plus, Vitamins C, E and B6 improve the body’s ability to absorb Lutein and thus enhance the potency of these nutrients.
  • ENHANCED VISION WITH BILBERRY EXTRACT: This uniquely effective extract can address the special nutritional requirements of the eyes and promote eye wellness, as well as improve your night vision and accelerate adaptation to darkness. Besides, this is the magic ingredient that army pilots during WWII took in order to improve their night vision. Bilberry is also known to help alleviate symptoms such as vision with sparks, dimming and flashes.
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Complete Eye Health Formula by Nuveda Wellness Vision Care-Antioxidant Macular Vitamins Zeaxanthin Lutein & Bilberry Extract-Best Ocular Nutritional Supplements-Eye Problems Relief & Therapy Support