• Unlike traditional vision board books, the variety of images included in our 2022 vision board clip art book are hand-picked and guaranteed to inspire you and visualize your dreams. With a no-hassle easy-tear perforated design that removes the possibility of ruining the images by uncomfortably cutting the pages.
  • Who has the time to flip through a thousand magazines? With a complete vision board kit of images you can have all of the images you need in one place. Create your vision board with all of your life areas: health and fun, family and relationships, career and money, inspiring quotes and much more. Save money and time by buying one book that has it all for your vision board journal.
  • No more procrastination and losing your focus. The vision board supplies kit of images helps you visualize your dreams every day and gives you a boost of energy to move forward. Decorate your space and get motivated.
  • Whether it’s a gift vision board for teens, adults or a fun group activity, a dream board vision board helps you get creative and have fun. Turn up the music, light some candles, get a cup of tea, and enjoy the process. Plus you have a beautiful outcome at the end that you can use to decorate your workspace or home.
  • At Lamare, our mission is to help women plan and live their best life. We believe in making your life easier, but we care about the environment as well! Our paper is FSC certified which comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Support the environment by using Lamare Vision Board Book.


Vision Board Book – 800+ Vision Board Pictures and Quotes – Vision Board Kit to Dream, Visualize, Inspire and Create Life Goals and Vision – Magazines for Vision Board Clip Art Book and Collage Book


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