It is our tendency to take things for granted. It is not surprising then, that we have often overlooked the existence of QUOTES. We don’t realize how these pearls of wisdom enrich our vocabulary and often serve as an easy means to express a whole range of emotions with a simple one-sentence. It is intriguing how thinkers, scholars, leaders, and other eminent personalities of the past have given such deep thought and come up with such deep philosophy which can have various interpretations at any given time depending upon the situation and the individual. It is then a worthy exercise to dig a bit into the history of quotes.

The history of quotes is a long one and can be traced back as far as Ancient Greece. Over the centuries, quotes have evolved and changed with society, culture, and language. Quotes now range from inspiring and motivating to funny and sarcastic. They are used in everyday conversations, marketing materials, and even on social media.

Quotes have been around for centuries, since ancient times in fact. Ancient Greek philosophers such as Socrates and Plato were known to use quotes extensively in their teachings.

In the Middle Ages, religious quotes from the Bible and other sacred texts held immense power over people’s lives. During this time period, famous figures such as William Shakespeare used quotes to great effect in his plays and poetry.

As technology advanced during the Renaissance, so did our ability to store and share information – including quotations from influential thinkers of the era like Galileo Galilei or Martin Luther King Jr. Fast forward to today’s digital age where we can access thousands upon thousands of inspiring words that are only a few clicks away!

While there is much debate about who coined certain phrases or wrote particular lines, one thing remains true: quotes continue to inspire us all with their timeless wisdom and knowledge throughout history and as technology continues to progress, quotes will continue to evolve with it!!!