I guarantee that you haven’t explored this aspect of AI. Although this is my personal experience, I am somehow sure that this will resonate with the majority.

I know many people in my circle with no human intelligence aka common sense. I am so happy that they can finally have some level of intelligence. They have been experimenting with almonds and walnuts. But the only growth they’ve shown is around the waistline!!!

It’s so wonderful to have a full-grown brain and that too without any operation, injection, or any regular tablets. This is one hell of a boon for so many.

I apologize for being wicked, just could not hold back on this one.

Coming back to the talk of the town, as expected, and as predicted we are well and indeed in the middle of the AI revolution. This is almost like a war where all the giants are vying for your attention. Whether it is chatGPT or Google, each is trying to come up with offers more lucrative than the competitors.

The question here is, have we developed a support system with AI or a handicap?

Here I must confess that I tried getting this written using AI, but no matter how much I prompted, it couldn’t develop my sense of humor. I guess I’ll have to make one for myself.

AI is giving you so many choices at the click of a button. It tends to confuse the mind. Confusion in the long run will become an attribute of the mind. Like what happened with the tech revolution in the early 90s, with so many gadgets coming in so quickly. And the software getting upgraded in quick succession, today we have a generation with anxiety disorders. A generation that is not sure of anything and is looking for instant change in everything, even relationships.

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The world of duplicates

With the convenience and accessibility AI brings, it is easy to get lost in its offerings and overlooks the importance of maintaining a human touch in our lives. With the AI tools available for everyone to use we will very soon see a world of duplicates claiming originality.

The reason is that the measure of determining originality is also AI software. For example, content with a few words of difference will qualify to be original. Similar will be the case with photos, videos, and all other AI-manufactured products.

This could be a boon for real talent because, in a world filled with AI-generated material, it will be easy to spot an original.

The spiritual point of View on AI

A different aspect of looking at the scenario is how everyone with the same tools generating the same results will claim to be original. Just a few words and phrases changed will make the original content.

In such a technologically advanced world, where the human being has developed AI – artificial intelligence, the feeling will be next to being GOD himself. People claiming control over everything will be easier to find.

However, it will be noteworthy to observe that the presence of GOD will be more obvious than ever before – just imagine creating different samples of the same prototype right from where the world began. The human being – every human with the exact same hardware as the other one, yet completely different from each other.


I do not wish to oppose the advancement of technology. I feel a tool should just be considered what it is – a tool, a method to enhance one’s productivity and not to take it over completely.

We need to differentiate between a tool and a crutch.

We are trying to create a perfect world with perfect grammar, perfect pictures, perfect videos, perfect content, and perfect imperfections.

Just some food for thought here – The world looks great the way it is. It would have been perfect if it was meant to be. The pandemic just taught us to look within. Well, we didn’t take too long to forget our lessons. At this pace, are we not heading toward a society of robots?

I guess I should be prepared to attend humans marrying robots soon.