Immigration is often seen as a journey of hope and new beginnings, but the emotional turmoil it brings can be overwhelming. This is my story, my struggle, and my journey towards finding peace amidst the chaos.

And it happened suddenly… Yes, everything was unfolding in perfect harmony, like the plan of the GOD almighty… But then it struck me like a bolt of lightning⚡, and helplessly I had no one to turn to. Everyone was busy congratulating me and giving me wishes and advice of all kinds for the brilliant future that I am looking at. But it happened suddenly. I lost sleep. I don’t get sleep for 24 hours and I am not tired or fatigued. My mind is in overdrive. Thoughts are running at expeditious speeds. I wish they had a doctor for this.

It is more difficult than I thought it would be, yes, this immigration thing. Besides all the paperwork, the running around, the never-ending documentation, the tickets, the stays, the rental search, the job search, the school search, the city search, and the list goes on… Finally, when you think you are tired and crash into your sack hoping for a restful, rejuvenating sleep, the wave of emotions suddenly takes control of your mind🌊.

I never thought this would happen to me. I am intelligent. I have thought this through. I have weighed the pros and cons. I know perfectly well what I am getting into. I have worked out the finances. I have checked the opportunities. I have anticipated the challenges that I might have to face. I have a forecast of what I can achieve in my present situation. I have compared it with the bare average of what can be expected if I immigrate. I have complete knowledge of how this move will be beneficial for the entire family.

BUT… BUT… there’s always a but… Suddenly, the pangs of separation are gripping me. I might not have a huge social circle here, but suddenly I seem to know everyone. All the unknown faces whom I meet during my daily transit are suddenly exchanging smiles with me. I don’t know their names or anything about them, but they are feeling so endearing😊. All the dust, dirt, pollution, population, corruption, compromises that were bothering the hell out of me recently have started to not affect me any longer. The job which I used to detest, the colleagues who made me uncomfortable, the seniors who were toxic have suddenly stopped bothering me.

A new feeling of having has suddenly taken a strong root in me. The thought that whatever it is, however bad it all might be – the fact is that I HAVE IT ALL, and I am going to a place where I have none of this, and life will have to begin from zero again. And a big WHY is staring me in my face, and it is not letting me sleep.

While I believe that I am a stable person, emotions have taken the better of me. At this point, I also interact with people from Canada who give me horror stories and warnings of discrimination and other unpleasant possibilities. All my knowledge of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation seems to be betraying me. But if this post evokes the right emotions in my readers, I am sure some change will definitely begin to take place. The vibration of this change will benefit many new immigrants who are definitely leaving a LIFE behind in order to be just treated as equal human beings.

I feel blessed that I am moving to a country that welcomes newcomers with open arms and showers so much care. I am glad that my Canadian connections are not just connections. Most of you have now become friends, and we are discussing coffee meetings☕. The takeaway from all of this is to keep on connecting with as many people as possible. The lesson I learned is that connection helps disconnection. Probably the most simple exercise in the theory of “moving on.” In order to leave gracefully with happy memories, you need to build strong ties with the next person or destination. This helps to make this move smoother.

To help you on your journey, here are some products that might be beneficial:

So here I am, once again asking for more friendships and coffees together. Let us meet and discuss. I am confident that there is a lot we can do for each other.

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